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Are you a lesbian? Bisexual? Gay? Transgender? Questioning? Live in California?
Then this community was made for you. Boys and girls, girls who are boys, and boys who are girls are all welcome here. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, friends, and the curious are all welcome to share experiences, introduce yourself, meet someone interesting, and find a sense of community here.

Feel isolated? Alone in your town? Girls and boys around the greater bay area and all around California will find this community to feel at home. This is a place to discuss gay rights and articles, feminism, what's new in California, and just to meet people who are like yourself. You don't need to be gay to love this community, for we are all sisters and brothers here. It would be nice if you filled out this little form so we could get to know you better, but it is not manditory;

Sexual preference:
Why did you join?:
Random factoid about yourself:
And you can post a picture of yourself. Any more than one picture should be under a cut, to be nice to all of us who have this community on their friends pages.

1. No bashing. At all. If you're going to be an asshole take it elsewhere because this community is about friendship and unity.
2. No spamming other communities. You may advertise by all means, but if you do it more than once it will be erased, and the third time you will be banned. This isn't an advertising community, but if you find a community that will interest the members of this one it's all good, share it.
3. Take your hatred elsewhere. I will not accept any homophobia whatsoever. At all. This is not your space to preach to us, and it is not our space to preach to you.

That's it! Any members who violate any of these rules will be immediately banned.